About the CWGSP

The Committee on Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the Profession (CWGSP), formerly the Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession (CSWP), was founded to act as an advocate for women’s interests and as a catalyst for promoting the status of women in the profession. In its ongoing work, the committee strives to promote gender equity and inclusivity.

The committee will

  • gather and review information and sponsor publications about the status of women in the profession, giving special attention to conditions of employment throughout the academic labor system and emphasizing gender inequities and inclusivity, part-time employments, differential salary levels, and patters of professional advancement, as well as intersecting identities such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, age, and disability;
  • gather and review information regarding the professional status of women and promote advocacy efforts for gender equity and inclusivity at all levels in the fields of languages and literatures;
  • build coalitions with MLA committees and allied organizations that share the CWGSP’s interests;
  • make available to the profession the results of the CWGSP’s studies; and
  • organize programs for the MLA Annual Convention.

Staff liaisons: Erika Suffern and Julie Frick Wade (cwgsp@mla.org)

Executive Council adviser: Jean Elizabeth Howard

Stacey Amo, 2017–20; 2018–20 (Coch.)
Alison Booth, 2019–22
Carol Anne Costabile-Heming, 2019–22; 2020-22 (Coch.)
Deanna Koretsky, 2018–21
Teresa Mangum, 2018–21; 2019–21 (Coch.)
Juliette Stapanian-Apkarian, 2018–21
Lissette Lopez Szwydky, 2019–22