2020 Sessions

73. Crowdsourcing the Future Work of the CSWP
1:45-3pm, 201, WSCC

Presider: Stacey Amo

Speakers: Theresa Delgadillo, Ohio State U, Columbus; Sally Kitch, Arizona State U; Elizabeth Mathews Losh, C of William and Mary; Margaret A. Noodin, U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Patricia Okker, U of Missouri, Columbia; Ariana Ruiz, U of Iowa.

The challenges women face fuel the work of the CSWP. What future barriers and openings lie ahead? Help us decide where the CSWP can have the greatest impact. Speakers will pitch topics—violence against women, issues faced by Indigenous peoples and POC, intersectionality, citation practices (and absences), data feminism, feminist leadership. In small group caucuses, we want you to help us set our course for the future.

327. Institutional Contexts and the Shaping and Reshaping of Power
1:45-3pm, Willow B, Sheraton

Presider: Juliette Stapanian-Apkarian

Speakers: Diana Arterian, U of Southern California; Sonja Rae Fritzsche, Michigan State U; Katherine Gilbert, Drury U; Carly Houston Overfelt, Gustavus Adolphus C; Nicole McCleese, Michigan State U; Tony McGowan, United States Military Acad.; Dara Rossman Regaigon, New York U; Kay Sohini Kumar, Stony Brook U, State U of New York.

Can institutions (universities, scholarly fields, or organizations like the MLA) be mobilized toward meaningful structural change and more equitable futures? As new structures are implemented to redress long-standing power imbalances, Sara Ahmed reminds us, “Even if you are appointed … to transform the institution, it does not mean the institution is willing to be transformed.” Participations at all stages of the profession discuss challenges and possibilities.